Why should you use natural shampoo?

Why should you use natural shampoo and where do you find the best ones?

There is two major benefits of using natural shampoo, it is better for your hair in the long run and better for the planet. Did you know that everytime you shower all the chemicals from your products will end up in the ocean?

Natural shampoo helps your hair come back to its natural health, all the chemicals we’ve been using in our hair destroys its natural health and then we have to use the chemicals to have shiny hair. What you will notice once you decide to go for natural products, is that your hair will look shinier and healthier than ever before. The first 1-2 weeks the hair needs to get used to not having chemicals and you will think that natural shampoo isn’t working, but once you reach the 2 weeks you will notice that you have much healthier hair!

Another key thing is that the shampoo can also cause irritation on skin, as when you rinse your hair it comes

I’ve spent a lot of time searching for a good, natural and organic shampoo and have tried many different kinds. The bar haven’t worked very well with me, I might not have found the right one but I still prefer the good old liquid shampoo. My hair always feels frizzy after using a bar and it's just not the same thing. For this reason I understand that it might be tricky for people to switch to a natural shampoo.

However, after a lot of research I've finally found a brand that I like! Fulfilled is a Uk based brand which is perfect for me, reduces the carbon footprint of the shipping. Another good thing is that I actually like this shampoo, my hair feels just like after a normal shampoo, or even better to be honest. It's shiny, frizz-free and smell super fresh!

The packaging is made of 100% aluminium bottles = 100% recyclable, the only thing is that the pump is in plastic, but then again you use the same bottle for a long time so that is okay. It arrives in recycled cardboard boxes so no plastic here, yay!

The company ethos is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - They reduce all the packaging and plastic - Reuse the bottles as you only buy the bottle the first time and then refill packs - Recycle everything!

Other good facts about Fulfilled - Natural shampoo:

  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
  • Natural
  • Low waste
  • Eco-friendly



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